If you are Singer/Songwriter or Artist with great songs looking to break onto the music scene, the last thing you should do is skimp on producing your material. However, without the support of a record label or large budget it is difficult to afford the studio hire, engineers, producers, musicians and mixing/mastering costs when you are just starting out.

Alexander Mathias is an not only an expert in the field of producing, mixing and mastering, but he is also an expert in using state of the art software and sampled instruments that allow him to create that "commercial" sound every ambitious artist wants to have. For a fraction of the cost of producing your material via standard methods, Mathias can help you create a fully produced song you can be proud of.

Here are the MINIMAL costs for producing ONE song through hiring multiple talents:

Professional Musicians – Piano, Bass, Drums, Guitar. €150 each  - €600
Producer - €250 and upwards
Engineer and Studio Time – 5 hours or more - €250 (€50/hour) and upwards
Mixing - €200
Mastering - €100
So the cheapest you will find is €1400 or maybe more for one professionally produced song!!
Of course you can always find cheaper methods by finding friends to play on the recording for free and producing everything yourself, but without the performance and input of a professional musician and/or producer, your music will tend to lack that "something" music industry people like Label Executives, A&R guys and Radio Presenters look for.

Because Alexander possesses all the required skills listed above needed to create an industry standard recording along with additional services like brass arrangements and string arrangements (using state of the art sampled instruments) you can get the same quality, if not better, for a fraction of the price. Alexander's creative input on stylistic approach, arrangement and melodic "hooks" to keep the listener engaged insures that you will have a recording you can make an impact with.
Prices depend on a variety of factors:

Size of the project - How many songs do you want recorded?
Size of the instrumentation - Brass or String Arrangements will incur additional costs.
How developed are your songs? - Do you have all the melody and lyrics in place? Do you have melodic hooks in between the lyrics? The more work you have done the less it will cost to produce.


Take a listen to the songs and different genres Alexander has produced below. No other musicians, engineers or programmers were used. Everything was created by Alexander Mathias except where vocalists are "featured" and all songs are written by Alexander.